The light that the conference brought.

So, I went for a national conference this weekend and it was great. Very peaceful and relaxing, and a little illuminating as I didn’t feel extra-intrigued by all the drama. It was sort of relieving actually, even though it revolved around people who were once close to me. Perhaps because it led others to realise how frustrating and stomach-upsetting their mere existence can be. Always nice to know someone gets ya. XD

I was initially worried about not doing well at my presentation on a recent advancement in the diagnosis and management of oral diseases using light. First of all, I would despise to have to disappoint my teachers. I know what you’re probably thinking, that shouldn’t be my main concern. But still. I’m big on teachers and respect and stuff like that. Plus, it would mean that I’d lose my streak on good presentations. Thankfully, I did well with my paper. In fact, when the judge asked me a question, it was almost like the universe was laying a trap for her, allowing me to swoop in and explain why exactly it was possible and an efficient strategy to adopt. xP

I was a little worried about the quiz as well. I was going with this guy who totally stabbed me in the back a couple of years back and this girlfriend who’s a huge competitor. I really didn’t want to seem like the most incompetent team member. Thankfully, it didn’t turn out that way. Despite the fact that we had harder questions than the other teams since we were a last minute addition, we placed second, missing the first place by a single point. I was able to make my stand particularly in the taboo round, as I described this condition known as ground glass radiograph by talking about a bad window in our classroom. The crowd went crazy and it felt good to prove those in my class who thought I couldn’t do it ( and said it right in front of my friend lol) wrong.

Anywho, double standards that most people have in my country came to light, people who I disliked before came forward and together in hatred of those who sneakily hurt and manoeuvred, some events lead to serious realisations about the capabilities that my teachers possess to guide right, the combination of work and worry gave way to a little food for thought, and every moment of game, laughter, anger, awe and  astonishment added itself as a drop of knowledgeable experience to the ocean that is a soul.

I had fun.




People who don’t understand the childish, senseless, cranky side of you may probably never get the hustling adult in you wholly for I feel that they’re both essential parts of us, for we are all but culminations of contradictions. Just accept and love both the talkative socialite and the restrospective pensiveness that is you. Or whatever else your own contradictions may mount to 🙂

Just those thoughts

I think the greatest transition from immature to mature is realising that you don’t have to have everyone like you in order to be happy. Don’t get me wrong. It’s got to be insanely difficult to be happy if everyone’s hating on you. But what I mean is that the crowd-pleasers,the loud ones and the jokers, they aren’t necessarily the ones that feel genuine joy from the depths of their existence. More often than not, they search for the wiser and potentially quieter ones who are capable of keeping to themselves for they are really the admirable people, people who make themselves happy. A simple result: people will always search for people who don’t need other people.

First blog post

Hi. So, why did I create this blog? Because I have come to the conclusion that I need an outlet. My life seems to be getting shredded like paper and all I seem to be able to do is take the backseat and watch as I let people mess with it more. So, I hope you, as a reader, honestly just learn from my mistakes as I hope I will as well. Put on your seatbelts, this is going to be a harsh ride. Sorry I can’t be as joyous as the other bloggers. I wish I could. But don’t worry, atleast my blogs will be short! Either way, my primary reason is just to let go of everything that’s holding me back. Soo. That’s all for now. Bye!